Client Review:

I’m a vegetarian with food allergies. I knew that when I became pregnant, I would need to be conscious of what I was eating. When I found out I was having twins, my nutrition became vital and a priority. I reached out to Erin who helped me to develop an easy to follow plan in order to ensure I was getting the right nutrients for my body and in the right amounts to grow two babies.

I credit a lot of my fullterm, healthy twin pregnancy to the guidance Erin provided me. I was able to keep my iron levels high, even as a vegetarian, and knew that with my healthy meal planning and supplements that I was nourishing my babies. Erin is easy to talk to, always open to questions, provided me with clear information, was respectful of my diet choice and took pride in her work. I felt like she truly cared about me and my babies. I would highly recommend her!


Client Review:

Erin was a pleasure to work with.  She took the time to listen to me, consider my digestive issues carefully and include my dietary preferences into the recommendations made for me.  Her analysis of my digestive issue was bang-on and the suggestions helped improve my digestion and comfort during pregnancy.  I felt comfortable to be totally honest with Erin about my less than ideal eating habits and her advice came without any judgment or guilt.  I would definitely seek Erin’s help again in the future!