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Sometimes Google just isn’t enough. Is what you’re reading true and from a reputable source? Are the suggestions right for you? Does it all make you feel a little overwhelmed?

You need suggestions or solutions that are specifically tailored to your current lifestyle. Whether you work full time, have multiple children, are just starting your family, or have no experience in the kitchen – I can help you get set up for success. We will work together to put a personal protocol (aka “a plan”) in place for you to nourish your body and your growing baby throughout your pregnancy and beyond. I use a holistic approach, which means I consider you as a whole, including mental and social factors that affect your diet and lifestyle.

With your investment in each package, you get:

♥ Initial chat (in person, Skype, FaceTime or phone) where I learn all about your current lifestyle and your current diet

♥ A holistic approach, with individual, unique recommendations based on your diet preferences and lifestyle; as well, a personal protocol which will take into account your time and availability to shop/meal prep

♥ A review of your current concerns and recommendations to help address them (ie. nausea, heartburn, gestational diabetes etc.)

♥ A monthly follow up Skype/FaceTime or phone chat, as well as continual email support

♥ Recipes and food lists to accompany the diet recommendations

♥ Realistic and actionable steps for putting the recommendations in place

Packages and prices are based on trimesters, with savings if you purchase all four packages (first trimester through to 12 weeks postpartum). It’s never too late to start improving your diet and lifestyle to help nourish your baby and your body. Whether you are newly pregnant, almost due, or breastfeeding, we can work together to help you find the best way to support your body and growing baby.



(First Trimester, Weeks 1 – 12)

Oranges 3 pexels-photo-820905

🌿 Unique diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you get started with nourishing your body and baby in your first trimester; recommendations based on common first trimester issues

🌿 Recipes and food lists

🌿 Foods to avoid and why

🌿 Tips for choosing supplements


(Second Trimester, Weeks 13 – 27)

Apples pexels-photo-799912

🌿 Unique diet and lifestyle recommendations

🌿 Recipes and food lists

🌿 Foods to avoid and why

🌿 Tips for choosing supplements


(Third Trimester, Weeks 28 – birth)


🌿 Unique diet and lifestyle recommendations

🌿 Recipes and food lists

🌿 Foods to avoid and why

🌿 Tips for choosing supplements

🌿 Tips for preparing for birth

🌿 Recipes to make for your freezer for postpartum

🌿 What to pack in your hospital bag


(Postpartum, birth to 12 weeks old)

Strawberries pexels-photo-583840

🌿 Diet and lifestyle recommendations specifically for healing after birth, replenishing your body, and for breastfeeding

🌿 Recipes and food lists

🌿 Tips for choosing supplements


🌿 Price per package: $150

🌿 Get all four packages: $500